Fiscal Policies Review, February 20 - 26, 2018
            Over the past week, ANAF representatives openly addressed the WB contract designed to build ANAF's IT infrastructure. Present at a PWC conference on February 20, ANAF Vice-President Daniel Tudor acknowledged that the project reached a deadlock and that the institution is currently discussing solutions with the WB. During the same public intervention, ANAF's VP added that the national agency plans to modify the tax evasion law, acknowledging that currently there is no definition for "tax evasion." When it comes to Form 600 (taxes for revenues from independent activities), Tudor highlighted that having a single form would be a pleasant surprise, both for taxpayers and for ANAF.             FinMin Teodorovici hopes that the Government will have a clear point of view regarding the Sovereign Investments Fund in the following weeks. He added that there is a proposal for the Fund to not be included in the state budget, and he hopes for the EC and Eurostat to accept it. Previously, Deputy PM Viorel Ștefan estimated that the SDIF would be adopted by May or June.             Labor Minister Lia Olguța Vasilescu announced on February 26 that "the draft of the Pensions Law is completed; simulations are being made on three calculation formulas; we will work on the subsequent legislation”.

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